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Become a DJ. How to create an instrumental music, but why not even a complete song?

If you feel you have the talent for music, then what are your waiting for? Why you do not try to create something beautiful? Something you have imagined.

All you need is courage, a Windows PC or a Mac. It is your choice if you want to follow these links or choose your alternative.

Then you need a software. But which app should you use? That depends on your desire, what you want to do.

Remember, technology has evolved a lot, and today there are wonderful applications with which you can accomplish everything.

But what do I suggest for an enthusiast who wants to be a DJ, or someone who wants to create an instrumental music or a song?

Magix! Why? Because when I first used Magix Music Maker I was surprised. During the use I felt more confident, but I do not want to lie, I felt a bit selfish, because I wanted only me to own this app.

You can find this app in two versions, free and full version, here is the link.

Magix also offers other apps to create and edit audio. Below are some of the most popular ones:

Magix has many other applications of the same category. Of course we have not tested all applications. But from experience we can conclude that this company offers quality and is one of the elite creators of applications.


4k video in Windows – Check computer compatibility, create videos

Does my computer support 4k video?  Let’s check it out.

Open Youtube and find a 4k video or, try this below:

Oh, my laptop supports this but only through Chrome. I tested the same with Edge, but no, it does not work, and I have no idea why? \

So, you can also test the Chrome Browser.

Use: Settings, Quality then change resolution (gear icon on YouTube) to check if there is any option for 4k resulution.

What is 4k resolution? Follow this link.

What about hardware requirements?

I think that graphic card capacity is not so important. Version: YES. Newer is better.

Bandwidth for 4k YouTube videos: 10 mbps or more.

How to create a 4k video quality?

Corel Video Studio Pro is a good alternative.  Use this app to create or edit 4k videos.

After you get that app, you’ll also find a tutorial to create, edit or convert 4k videos.